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Blog Tungsten Recycling: 4 May, 2020.

Tungsten Recycling:

Tungsten Recycling is a major international recycler of special metals, specialising in the recycling of tungsten carbide, and alloy and superalloy scrap (such as: high speed steel, molybdenum, nickel, cobalt, tantalum, tin, stainless steel, chromium etc.).

The French company is part of the group Special Alloys Recycling Ltd. which is based in the United Kingdom. We are present in several European countries: France, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Maghreb etc… and we also have several partnerships with the United States and Canada.

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Thanks to our experience and know-how, we offer our customers attractive access to markets so that they can make the most of their tungsten and special metal scrap. We buy several types of tungsten carbide scrap including: solids, inserts, solid tools, carbide drills and milling cutters, grinding bits, turnings, chips, powders, sludge etc. Contact us and maximise the value of your scrap!

Tungsten carbide is used in many production sectors, such as: aerospace, automotive, medical, oil mainly because of its toughness and resistance to high temperatures. Our scrap metal is sorted, weighed, processed and recycled into raw material by our recycling plants throughout Europe. We then resell them (in the form of solid metals) for the manufacture of products in intermediate processing plants (e.g. the tool industry). Then these products and production waste are returned to us in our plants to be recycled and reused by our services.

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We provide a recovery solution for scrap metals such as: cobalt, molybdenum, tantalum, tin, rhenium, nickel, alloys and superalloys, and many other types of special metals. Find out more about these services when you visit our site or call to ask us to evaluate your scrap metal, waste and recyclable metal materials.

Tungsten Recycling has partnerships with foundries and refiners around the world, which allows us to offer you attractive and superior prices for the repurchase and recycling of your tungsten carbide scrap and metal scrap than your local recyclers. We are very much involved with regional and international representatives so please do not hesitate to call on us for the collection and transportation of your metal and tungsten carbide scrap. Thanks to our know-how, we have established advanced logistic solutions in order to recover and valorise your waste in an optimal way and at the best price.

The effects of tungsten on the environment have been carried out by various international organisations. We know that metals have adverse effects on the environment at high concentrations, but some studies indicate that tungsten has a low impact on the environment at average concentrations. Several studies are underway. As with all metals, appropriate precautions need to be taken to ensure that they enter an appropriate recycling process. Recycling metals such as tungsten ensures the future of these precious metals for global production. This is our mission and we have a responsibility to ensure the continuity of supply of tungsten and other special metals such as titanium, tin, nickel and cobalt.

At Recycling Tungsten, we are aware of the need to protect the environment. That is why we have decided to engage in a tungsten carbide recycling process that reduces the carbon impact on the planet as much as possible. In this spirit of respect for the planet, we have decided that for every new contract signed and approved for the recycling of your tungsten carbide and special metals waste, we will plant a tree in foreign countries that are working for sustainable development on our planet.

For this project, we are collaborating with the environmental association, “One Tree Planted“, which enables individuals and companies to safeguard our precious environment. In partnership with the “One Tree Planted” program, we support the creation of a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world.

Together for sustainability. Contributing with us to the well-being of the planet. Contact us and sign your metal recycling contract.

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