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Tungsten Recycling is a supplier of fully prepared scrap alloys and superalloys, pure metals for European and American foundries and refiners. Tungsten Recyclingis based in Ile de France and is part of the Special Alloys Recycling Ltd group located in England, a privileged geographical position for the national, European and international markets.

Our group specialises in the purchase and recycling of special metals, noble and pure metals and superalloys mainly composed of: Nickel, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Titanium and Zirconium. We handle the preparation of these steels and superalloys to supply foundries and refineries.

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We acquire and process alloys of Ni, NiCo, NiCu, Co, stainless steel, tool steel, tungsten and pure metals. We also recover and recycle different types of special metal scrap such as: Refinery solids, milling and drilling tools and machinery, grindings, turnings, chips, and pure alloys.

The Special Alloys Recycling group ensures strict compliance with the standards and commitments contained in the group’s Ethical Charter. All of our products are individually sorted and analysed for the greatest accuracy to each type of metal.

Thanks to our worldwide network of foundries and refineries throughout Europe and the world (Germany, Spain, Italy, Benelux, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Maghreb, USA, Canada)

we are specialised in the purchase and recycling of special metals (alloys and super-alloys), and we can guarantee processing processes that comply with current environmental regulations.

Tungsten Recycling is one of the leading special alloys metals recycling companies in the world. As a privately owned company, it specialises in recycling Nickel, Cobalt and other superalloy scrap from many industries such as: aerospace, automobile, medical, oil and power generation industries. We also buy a variety of exotic metals including: Tantalum Niobium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Rhenium, Hafnium, Zirconium, Chromium and Titanium.

We can recover and valorise any kind of waste containing special alloy metals.As a specialised recycling company, we can offer you a higher and more attractive price than the local recycling organisations.

Recycling superalloys are essential to the aviation, automobile and tooling industries. As engineers continue to develop the next generation of high performing engines and aircraft, improving sustainability and reducing carbon emissions is very important. Emerging technologies and industries require materials that can tolerate extreme temperatures and therefore we recover and supply special alloys and metals that have to be very tough and resistant.

Many alloys today are scarce in the market. This scarcity is the result of either rapid depletion of primary resources or because certain metals are rare. This increase in demand and the shortage of supply make these precious metals some of the most sought-after industrial metals. It is an important point to consider when recycling superalloys.

Nickel and Cobalt-based superalloys are widely used in specific sections of gas turbine engines and other energy-propulsed machines, as they operate at high-temperatures. Specially modified superalloys such as those mentioned above (Nickel, Cobalt etc.) are highly sought out for their high value and utility to the aviation and energy-based industries.

If you are selling your metal scrap superalloys, it’s important to know what types of coatings or additional elements they possess as this would add value to them and you would benefit from a higher price from us.

It’s important to keep all your materials separated when selling off your special alloy scrap. Avoiding confusion before your scrap metal gets to the scale is the best way to make sure you receive the best price for your material. If you need help getting your metals or materials sorted, call our customer service and we can help you in sorting out your waste.

If you require secure and compliant material disposal measures, call Tungsten Recycling and we will supply you with a classified Certificate of Destruction as well as any other forms relevant to the legal recycling of your special metal scrap. Through our Recyclesecure process, you benefit from a guarantee of traceability and a processing process that complies with the regulations in force.

Finally, we can provide you with bins and skips for the storage of your different alloys.

Installation and transport of skips or containers are entirely carried out at our expense. All you have to do is collect all types of tungsten or alloy metals scrap and we will take care of the rest. Our equipment is at your entire disposal for any request from your part.

Call us from anywhere at our home office in France at: +33140765794 for any further information about selling or buying special metals and superalloys scrap.

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