Thanks to our worldwide network of foundries and refiners specialising in the purchase and recycling of special metals (alloys and super-alloys), we can guarantee processing processes that comply with current environmental regulations.

We recover and valorise any kind of waste containing special alloy metals: tantalum, molybdenum, tungsten, nickel and rhenium, cobalt…etc.

As a specialised recycling company, we can offer you a higher price than the local recycling organisations.

Our different markets:

Nickel Alloys I Cobalt Alloys I Chromium I Tantalum I Niobium I Molybdenum I Tungsten I Titanium I Rhenium I Hafnium I Zirconium I Vanadium I Rare Earths I Super Alloys

Tungsten Recycling is one of the leading special alloys metals recycling companies in the world. As a privately owned company, it specialises in recycling Nickel, Cobalt and other superalloy scrap from many industries such as: aerospace, automobile, medical, oil and power generation industries. We also buy a variety of exotic metals including: Tantalum Niobium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Rhenium, Hafnium, Zirconium, Chromium and Titanium.

Our objective is simple, yet determined: “To be the best international special alloy metals recycling company, while being cost-effective and environmentally friendly”.

A custom-made service 

A single contact person will be dedicated to you according to your products and your location.

We can provide you with bins and skips for the storage of your different alloys.

Installation and transport of skips or containers are entirely carried out at our expense. Our equipment is at your disposal for any request from your part.

We recover and purchase all of these following special alloy metals at a high and attractive price to help recycle them and supply our foundries and refiners in Europe.


Nous rachetons le nickel et les alliages de nickel usés.

We purchase Nickel and scrap nickel alloys.


We recycle Inconel production scrap.


We recycle all kinds of Monel special alloys scrap.


All kinds of Hastelloy special alloy scrap recycling.


Special alloy Invar scrap recycling.


We purchase and recycle Cobalt and alloys production scrap.


Molybdenum recycling has many cost and environment benefits. Tungsten Recycling frequently purchases Molybdenum metal scrap.


Tungsten Recycling frequently purchases and recycles Tantalum metal scrap.


Tungsten Recycling can recover and buy Tin slag and production scrap.


Tungsten Recycling is one of the only companies in Europe that is capable of recycling and processing scrap titanium in all forms.


We frequently purchase and recycle Stellite hard-metal scrap.


Tungsten Recycling frequently recycles high-speed steel tooling

Our Expertise:

We are a supplier specialised in many types of metals and special alloys:

Tungsten Recycling is a supplier of fully prepared scrap alloys and superalloys, pure metals for foundries and refiners. All of our products are individually sorted and analysed for the greatest accuracy. 

Tungsten Recycling is a supplier of scrap alloys, superalloys and pure metals for our foundries and refiners and for our long-term partners.

 We acquire and process alloys of Ni, NiCo, NiCu, Co, stainless steel, tool steel, tungsten and pure metals. We also accept refinery solids, grindings, turnings, chips, and alloys.

We are a buyer and supplier of the following Alloys and production scrap:

Pure Metals

Nickel, Cobalt, Chromium, Zirconium, Titane, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantale, Niobium, Rhenium, Hafnium, Vanadium

Cobalt Alloys

HS6 HS21 HS25 / L605 HS31 HS188 X45 Stellite

Nickel Alloys

Waspaloy, Udimet, MarM, Haynes, Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy, Rene, PWA, Nimonic, GTD, CMSX

Tungsten Alloys

Mallory, Elkonite, Hevimet, Densalloy, Densico​, WC, WCCo

Titanium Alloys

CP Titanium, ​Ti 6-4, ​Ti 6-2-4-2

Zirconium Alloys

​Zr702, ​​Zr705, ​Zircaloy 2, ​Zircaloy 4, ​CP Zirconium

Nickel Copper Alloys

 ​K Monel 500 , R Monel 400

Tool Steel

M-Séries, T-Séries, ​CPM, ​Rex, H13 ,D2

Stainless Steel

​300 Séries, ​400 Séries, Duplex, ​Nitronic, 13-8 ,​15-5, ​17-4

Ferro Alloys and Raw Materials

Premières, ​FeV, FeZr,​ FeMo, ​ FeW, ElMn, NiMg, Si, ​AlCr, ​CrFe

We guarantee perfect traceability and confidentiality, and send you all the required administrative documents (Waste Tracking Slip, Certificate of Destruction, and so on).

For small quantities, our partnership with UPS allows you to sell to us by mail order starting from 10kg to a full truckload.

You don’t pay for shipping. The procedure is very simple and secure. 100% free of charge.

Insurance and package tracking included.

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