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Tungsten is a rare and strategic metal, and it is essential to ensure its recycling. 

Tungsten is a rare and strategic metal because of its resistance to high temperature. This characteristic makes it indispensable for the production of special alloys. For all these reasons, tungsten recycling is indispensable in the market and the modern world.


The effects of tungsten on the environment have been carried out by various international organisations. Although all metals have adverse effects on the environment at high concentrations, these studies indicate that tungsten has a low impact on fauna and flora at environmentally relevant concentrations. Several studies are ongoing. As with all metals, appropriate precautions must be taken to ensure that they enter an appropriate recycling process.

Tungsten recycling is an essential activity today and will become even more strategic in the future due to current social and environmental changes. Indeed, tungsten recycling allows us to help our customers while respecting the eco-sustainable process that pays attention to the protection of the environment:

Here are four reasons to choose tungsten recycling:

  • Environmental protection
  • strategic
  • qualitative
  • practices

An essential recycling:

34% of the tungsten used worldwide comes from recycling. The European tungsten carbide scrap processing industries are capable of recovering and transforming almost all metals containing a percentage of tungsten into secondary raw material. Industrial recycling processes are more economical and have a lower environmental impact compared to tungsten ore mining. Tungsten recycling can be done by hydrometallurgy or smelting.

Our most requested materials:

TUNGSTEN: Tungsten carbide is a metal that is particularly appreciated for its toughness as well as for its resistance to high temperature which makes it indispensable for the production of alloys. There are different possibilities for recycling tungsten. We take care of the recovery and your production waste.

 INCONEL Among other special metals, we also recycle Inconel in respect of the environment in which we live. We can also provide you with skips or bins for alloys and superalloys recycling.

TITANIUM is one of the strong, shiny and resistant special metals to corrosion. We also take care of the purchase of titanium scrap metal.

 TIN belongs to special metals. It is also a very sought after metal and useful in many production processes. It is also used for the production of alloys. We guarantee an attractive price.

We are leader in the recycling and valorisation of Nickel alloys including (Inconel, Monel), all Cobalt alloys as well as Tin and Titanium…

Tungsten Recycling purchases and recycles smaller and large quantities of high temperature alloys including all types of sludge and powders; which is reused for the production, generally, for tooling and alloys.

Powders and sludge Recycling:

-Tungsten Powders   -Spray Powders -Sludge -Nickel Powders -Cobalt Powders -Stellite Powders

For small quantities, our partnership with UPS allows you to sell to us by mail order starting from 10 kg to a full truckload.

You don’t pay for shipping. The procedure is very simple and secure. 100% free of charge.

Insurance and package tracking included.

  • Inconel
  • Monel   
  • Nickel
  • Cobalt 
  • Hastelloy 
  •  Aciers rapides ( tools steel )
  • Etain         
  • Stellite                                          
  • Tantale
  • Molybdène  
  • Titane
  • Palladium    


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