We are all aware of the ecological challenges that we must meet for future generations. Tungsten carbide recycling accounts for 34% of world production. At Tungsten Recycling, we are all concerned to ensure that the maximum amount of tungsten carbide reaches the structures that give it a second life. We work in close collaboration with the most advanced and involved actors on the environmental issues of the sector.

The effects of tungsten on the environment have been carried out by various international organisations. Although all metals have adverse effects on the environment at high concentrations, these studies indicate that tungsten has a low impact on fauna and flora at environmentally relevant concentrations. Several studies are ongoing. As with all metals, appropriate precautions must be taken to ensure that they enter an appropriate recycling process.

Why respect the environment? We are aware that it is necessary to protect the environment. That is why we have decided to engage in a process of recycling of tungsten carbide which minimises our carbon footprint. With this spirit of respect for the planet where we live, we have decided that, with every recycling contract signed, we’ll plant a tree.

Together for sustainability. Contribute with us to the well-being of the planet.

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